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- AYA's official website for the image of the layout
- Anime for the lyrics of anime/gaming mp3s

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Notan ~Music Rotation~ jpop, gaming, anime music
punk, rock.. Japanese, English songs...very diversified Mostly Jrock, metal, electro...
Metal, bubblegum pop, hyperactive Japanese pop, showtunes, techno, folk, new age..

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The name of the site "In perfect Harmony" was inspired by the song "In perfect Harmony" by the melodic metal band Within Temptation, one of my favourite groups ^^

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version 1.0
Used an artwork from Hyung Tae Kim for the layout ^^
version 2.0 'spread your wings'
Picture of Ayumi Hamasaki.

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Nick: Mystic Heaven
B-day: 09.09.86
Fav sounds: atmospheric metal, bossa nova, ethereal vocals...

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