Hi minna-san, welcome to In Perfect Harmony, my little mp3 rotation site. The current layout features JRock artist AYA with a picture Mikio Ariga taken during her live concert at Club Asia in 2002.

You'll find here my favourite songs of the moment and I hope you'll enjoy them too. The mp3s I post here are usually English songs ( from jazz to metal ), anime/gaming and other japanese songs, as my playlist is quite diversified.
I will update my files every 3 weeks, maybe more maybe less, depending on my mood.

Please read the rules before downloading, and if you find some problems with my files just email me.
Enjoy the music and feel free to comment on my tag-board!

- Mystic Heaven [@]

x Last rotation:

So sorry for the lack of updates.... so much work at the U... but well, I have today 8 new songs for this rotation! more indie oriented!

- This is not a chatroom.
- I don't take any REQUESTS for the moment, so please don't flood my tagboard with that :)

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