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Coco Rosie -- Noah's Ark

Recently discoved this band formed by 2 sisters. Very poetic song, with interesting effects (children's toy-like, old recording effects...) and great vocals.

Daphné - Musicamor
[french pop]

Quite popular in France currently, this singer has a very angelic voice and tango-like music: I just love it!

Saint Saens -- Carnival of the Animals: Aquarium

Many probably know this theme, maybe unknowningly: very mysterious, and often used in fantastic/fairy tale movies.

Kokusyoku Sumire -- Circus no Uma

This track has been playing in loop for days in my playlist! Very... special track! Strange old-Japanese opera voice-like, accordion, violin...

The Fast And The Furious Dj Shadow Feat Mos Def -- Six Days
[electro-hip hop | Tokyo Drift OST]

From a Fast & Furious movie... haha. I don't know, I just love this song... entertaining, catchy... though you have to appreciate hip hop I guess..!

Emma Shapplin -- La Notte Etterna
[pop-voice opera]

From the Fifth Element's opera scene singer! A nice mix of pop and opera. Shapplin definitely has a haunting voice.

Tre Lux -- Never let me down again

From former Switchblade Symphony singer (a goth band I love!). But don't worry her new album has nothing to do with gothic. Allegedly, this is originally a Depeche Mode song. Playful vibe, nice voice.

Kokia -- il mare dei suoni

KOKIA again! Yeah I didn't want to put this track online since her newest album The Voice was just recently in stores... but I've completely fallen in love with this song! Very intense song, amazing voice... just listen to it!

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